Friday Reads¦ 5th December 2014

Omg, would you look at this, I did another Friday Reads! But this time in shiny video form, oooo aaah etc. etc. Keep expectations low, ignore the furrow in my brow that stayed there for the entire video, keep your fingers crossed that I’ll actually stick to a limited TBR here (past experience says otherwise).


3 thoughts on “Friday Reads¦ 5th December 2014

  1. DAISY WRITES. 06/12/2014 / 01:28

    I’ve been meaning to read this – but always been put off by its size! Haha great vid xx


    • Emma 06/12/2014 / 21:54

      It is a pretty hefty book, there’s no two ways about it, but I’m hoping it’s worth it – I hear it is! :) Thank you so much!


      • DAISY WRITES. 07/12/2014 / 19:21

        My Publishing teacher recommended it to us and he is an aficionado of all things book, so I’m sure it’s good!


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